Travel to Åre by car

Åre is located on the main European Route E14 which makes access easy from the rest of Sweden and Europe. The roads connecting to Åre are well maintained during winter to ensure road safety. Here is some distances by car from the largest cities in the Nordic countries:

Trondheim – Åre 168 km
Sundsvall – Åre 285 km
Stockholm – Åre 630 km
Oslo – Åre 660 km
Göteborg – Åre 890 km
Malmö – Åre 1 120 km
Köpenhamn – Åre 1 126,1 km

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Other modes of transport to Åre

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There are two international airports in the vicinity of Åre, Åre Östersund Airport is approximately one hour from Åre and Trondheim Airport Værnes

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Travel to Åre by train

The train stops in the heart of the Åre and in the neighboring towns. Taking the train to Åre is a more environmental option.