Thomassons Gård Vinter
thomassons gård interiör
thomassons gård exteriör

Thomassons Gård - A Jewel in the middle of Åre Village

"Thomassons Gård is perhaps the most genuine accommodation in Åre  This summer we have a fantastic offer with& Breakfast combined with cycle rental and guiding, which will give you an wonderful activity full filled holiday. Åre's bike parks and trails are amoung the best in Europe and offer something for just about everyone.

The Villa was built in the late 1800s, and is one of Åre's oldest houses, it has been owned by the Thomasson family for over 100 years. In recent years the owner Elisabeth Thomassons has been carefully renovating the estate and retaining much of the Sami culture from which the family originated.
– Now we have finally opened up the summer venture at Thomassons Villa. Bed& Breakfast in combination with a cycling adventure and other activities in variety of levels. Åre Bike and Åre Skidsport are experts in everything related to cycling, including renting top class bikes and hiring guides. Bike trails are much better than ever this year and have just opened!" Says Kevin Kirk CEO of "This is Åre".

Thomassons Villa offers lovely living accommodation with a tiled fire place, groups of sofas, and a large table with space for work or social games. The homely kitchen and veranda with a fireplace are made with social dinners in mind. There are six bedrooms, altogether 12 beds which are located upstairs and a bathroom & Sauna on the ground floor. If you decided that you need more space, or more people to come on holidays, or conference with you we can accommodate you with newly built apartments which are a few steps away from the front door of Thomassons Villa. 

Together with Åre bikes and Åre Skidsport you are offered a tailor made adventure activity, including equipment for rental, such as mountain bikes for cross country or downhill biking. New for this year is that you can also rent electric bikes for cross country cycling too.
– The most common thing is that you rent a bike, which comes along with a half day introduction guide, and then spending the remaining time cycling where you choose.
"During the guided tour you will learn the basics about how to stand on the bike and how to brake properly, the basic stuff"  We have had both young children and pensioners who have ridden the bikes here, as now it is possible to adjust the trail depending on your abilities, and if you have previously ridden before" Says Daniel Larsson, who runs Åre Ski Sports.

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