Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply between This Is Åre AB (‘TIÅ’) via the web platform ‘This Is Åre’ and the person or proxy who makes an agreement with TIÅ as specified in the confirmation (Guest). The agreement may apply to accommodation, travel, purchase of other products and services, or any combination of these (the Arrangement).


This Is Åre AB,
Årevägen 55 – Produkthuset, SE-837 52 Åre, SWEDEN
Tel: +46 (0) 647-520 21.

Registration number: 559068-6787


After the booking is completed and the deposit has been received, TIÅ sends the Guest a confirmation of the booking, the balance due, and the balance due date. The Guest is responsible for checking the confirmation and ensuring, among other things, that the arrival and departure dates are correct. The booking is valid for TIÅ and the Guest upon confirmation of the booking by TIÅ (as specified in the Guest Booking Confirmation) and the receipt of the Guest’s payment of the deposit or the entire balance due as specified in the confirmation.


The Guest shall pay TIÅ for the Arrangement at the latest by the date stated in the confirmation. TIÅ is entitled to charge a deposit as a first installment of the full payment. The Arrangement must always be paid in full before the Arrangement starts.

- For bookings made more than 42 days prior to arrival, a deposit of 25% of the cost of the Arrangement will be charged by TIÅ at the time of booking. The remainder of the full payment must be paid to TIÅ no later than 42 days before arrival.

- For bookings made less than 42 days before arrival, full payment for the Arrangement must be made to TIÅ when booking.


When paying from abroad, the Guest pays any costs incurred both in the home country and in Sweden. TIÅ is to receive the price confirmed in the currency stated in the booking confirmation. Any additional payment-related charges incurred in Sweden must be paid by the day of arrival.


If the Guest has not paid the deposit by the date specified in the booking confirmation, the order will be canceled. If the guest does not pay the final balance of the booking by the date specified in the booking confirmation, the booking will be canceled. Note! No reminder is sent when the due date is approaching, or when the due date has passed. The guest is responsible for the booking being paid on time.


The Guest can cancel by phone, letter, or by e-mail: [email protected].  

Only cancellations made by the Guest are accepted. The Guest is responsible for ensuring that the cancellation reaches TIÅ. TIÅ will send the Guest a confirmation of the cancellation. We refer to the cancellation insurance that is available via your home insurance or the card issuers when paying by card.

-Cancellation of accommodation:

* For cancellation of accommodation made more than 42 days prior to the arrival date, the deposit is forfeited.
* For cancellation of accommodation made less than 42 days before arrival, 100% of the price of the booking will be due to This Is Åre AB.


The Guest can cancel a Ski pass up to five days before the first day of validity and receive a refund, minus a service fee of 195 SEK.

When canceling activities, the cancellation rules that each activity company applies apply, which the Guest is informed of when booking.

‘This Is Åre’ PACKAGES

Note that individual activities that are part of an TIÅ package booked on the This Is Åre web site cannot be cancelled. To alter the number of participants in a package, contact TIÅ.


If the arrangement cannot be provided in accordance with the booking confirmation and TIÅ cannot offer the Guest equivalent services, the Guest is entitled to receive compensation for that part of the Arrangement that could not be provided. In order for the Guest to have the right to compensation, the Guest should bring any problems that occur during the stay to the attention of TIÅ within a reasonable period of time for TIÅ to have an opportunity to correct them. If the Guest has not notified TIÅ of the problem, and TIÅ therefore has not been able to rectify the problem, the Guest is not entitled to any compensation.

The right to damages due to TIÅ oversight/omission etc. during the stay or because TIÅ canceled the trip is annulled if TIÅ can show that the trip could not be carried out or that the error occurred due to obstacles/circumstances outside of TIÅ control (Force Majeure).


- A Guest must be at least 25 years old to make the booking, unless otherwise stated in the object description. All staying guests must be aged 25 or over to stay in the lodging. The age limit does NOT refer to children accompanied by a guardian. Proof of age may be required at check-in.

- The Guest must take good care of the house/apartment and comply with the rules and regulations that apply.

- Between 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., the guest should be considerate and ensure he/she does not disturb other Guests or inhabitants in the vicinity. Consideration and mutual respect towards other residents must, however, be shown at all times of the day.  Disruption reported to the security company is charged to the Guest with a minimum of 1500 SEK regardless of the time of day the disruption has been reported.

- The Guest is fully liable for any damage to the accommodation and its inventory that the Guest, or other person(s) given access to the accommodation, has caused.

- The accommodation may not be used for other purposes than leisure. If the number of guests in the accommodation will exceed the number stated at the time of booking, the Guest must notify TIÅ before arrival for reasons of security.

- If the smoking/animal prohibition is breached, a cleaning fee of 6000 SEK will be charged. 

- All keys/key fobs to the accommodation must be returned on departure, otherwise a fee of 2000 SEK will be charged. 

- Included departure cleaning does not include dish washing or emptying garbage/empty bottles/food. If this is not observed, TIÅ will charge a fee for extra cleaning from 500 SEK.

- Guests must olny charge electric vehicles at the designated charging station. Violations are prosecuted with regard to the risk of fire.

TIÅ has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the Guest or someone in his/hers company disturbs or harasses others in the area or damages the accommodation or its surroundings. If the accommodation is used for other than its intended purposes, the agreement will be terminated, the Guest and his/her company must immediately leave the accommodation without any refund of the rent. In addition, TIÅ will charge Guest for the cost of repairing any damage, with a minimum of 5000 SEK. TIÅ has the right to terminate the accommodation and remove the Guest´s belongings in the event of an immediate termination of the agreement due to the resons above. 

TIÅ is not responsible for items left after departure.


The Guest must contact TIÅ without delay concerning any complaints. If the Guest and TIÅ cannot come to an agreement on resolution of the complaint, the Guest may contact The National Board of Customer Disputes (ARN) (http://www.arn.se/om-arn/english-what-is-arn/or submit the matter online via the EU Commission Dispute Resolution Platform. 


Current check-in and check-out times are stated on the confirmation. The accommodation price includes post-departure cleaning. Bed linen and towels are booked separately where you can also choose if you want the beds to be made up on arrival. In case you have forgotten to book bed linen and towels or you have not brought it yourself , there is an additional cost for delivery in addition to the cost of bed linen and towels. 

We wish you a pleasant stay with us.