This is Åre

Welcome to "This is Åre" - Tailor-made experiences all year round


Welcome to "This is Åre!" At last we are up and running and we can now offer an exclusive selection of accommodation, activities, customised experiences and all other concievable services in Åre. We are aimed at those who are looking for the little extra, for their holiday or conference all year round. We can arrange everything, here we can easily make your reservation.

Behind the initiative, which focuses on premium and year round tourism, is the entrepreneur and financier Lars Skarke and Janne Wärvik, Åre Byservice, who have been operating in Åre for almost 30 years. The idea is based on their love for Åre, where over the years they have ensured that world artists, athletes, business leaders and others get to experience the best of Åre.

–"With "This is Åre", we simply want to be able to offer premium accommodation together with all the fantastic experiences in the are, preferably with extra ingredients such as a private chef, entertainment, babysitting or whatever you wish. We want to make it easy for both individuals and companies to customise their stay based on their specific wishes." says Lars Skarke, Chariman of the Board of Directos of "This is Åre".

CEO of "This is Åre" Kevin Kirk, formerly the CEO and initiator of the development of Funäsdalsberget and the gondola railway project in Funäsdalen and the CEO of Ramundberget, joined "This is Åre" this summer. Kevin Kirk has been involved in the whole concept, and is heavily involved in develoing the business concept.
– "The service is network-based but it is based on personal service and great confidence. The ambition is to safely place the responsibility for ta perfect experience with the family, the conference or the management group. We have simply, together with great partners, created the perfect conditions for a unique experience here in Åre." says Kevin Kirk.