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Snowmobile safari

The excitement of driving (or riding) snowmobiles in the mountains is something special. The feeling of a snowmobile ride through the forest and above the tree line is magical and the unforgettable. Our guide leads the way. And if we have time, we’ll make a stop for coffee.

To drive a scooter requires a B driver's license or a snowmobile license. And remember to have your driver's license with you on the safari.
You must be at least 8 years old to participate in a snowmobile safari. We provide warm overalls, shoes, helmets, gloves and balaklava, just to make the experience total!

NOTE! These tours are so-called ‘open tours’, which means the safari may include others than just your party. For a trip to start, at least three snowmobiles must be booked. We use Yamaha Ventue Multi Purpose snowmobiles, the perfect touring machine!