About "This is Åre"

"This is Åre" is the brand, and a digital platform that is the premium segment of "Åre Byservice AB (LTD).

"This is Åre soughts out premium accommmodation that Åre has to offer, and combines these with package deals to suit our guests needs, packages can include: food (at restaurants or in your accommodation), activities, and transport (in and around Åre, or to and from the airport) "This is Åre" is the daughter company to "Åre Byservice AB (LTD). Åre Byservice has managed real estate in Åre village since 1987, and it also owns Fribergs Entreprenad AB. The both companies are completely unique in providing housing services, cleaing, construction service, land contracting and property management.



Why the name, "This Is Åre"? We love Åre, year round, from the tiny buttercup to the gigantic Åreskutan’s peak; the tranquil

drink in the Midnight sun and the electrifying downhill run.

Share what you love about Åre big or small! A picture, a few words. Use hashtags #thisisåre and #thisisare.


Let us experience Åre through you.



Contact information

Årevägen 55- Produkthuset
83752 Åre

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +46(0)647 520 21