THE SCANDINAVIAN Mountain resort 

Åre is a mountain resort town in Åre municipality located in western Jämtland with about 1500 inhabitants. Åre municipality has more than 11,500 inhabitants. For a long time, tourism has been the most important business and thanks to Åre's development, from being a winter ski resort to a year-round destination, jobs and the number of residents in Åre continues to increase.

Åre is the largest mountain and alpine resort town in Sweden, with its associated Alpine skiing area and Sweden's Alpine National Park, which has organized two world championships (the only in Sweden) and almost 100 World Cup competitions, and has one of the country's largest and developed tourism industries.

Åre med Åredalen has been a passage and a central meeting place since the Middle Ages; first of European pilgrims wandering on Nidaros roads to / from Norway, and then with a later summer turism of visiting so-called "air guests". The town was strengthened especially by the Mittbanan railway in 1882, which, for a few decades, transported the traveler from Örebro. The recent decade with ongoing development of the ski area and downhill biking during summertime has transformed the village of Åre into "a Swedish Whistler Mountain".



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In Åre town you will find everything you can think about regarding restaurants, cafés and last but not least shopping.