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Åre is the pearl of the Scandinavia mountain world

Åre is a mountain resort in Åre municipality in Western Jämtland Sweden, with about 1500 people living here. Tourism has long been the most important industry to Åre's development from being a winter ski resort to becoming a year-round destination, jobs and the number of residents in Åre are continuing to increase.

Åre is the largest mountain and alpine sports resort in Sweden, with its associated alpine ski area and Sweden's alpine national arena, which has so far organised two World Cup championships (the only ones in Sweden) and almost 100 world cup championships, and has one of the countries largest developed tourism industry.

Åre with Åredalen has been a passage and central meeting place ever since the  middle ages; first by European pilgrims who wandered on  the Nidaros roads to/from Norway, and thereafter with a later summer tourism of visiting so-called "air guests." The village was particularly strengthened by the central railway "Mittbanan" 1882, with a few decades later transported the traveller from Örebro who transformed the farming village of Åre into a "Swedish Whistler Mountain". 

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