Experience The Northern Lights

Sometimes it is not just a fantastic skiing activity, or any other winter experience that you will remember, after returning from a week in Åre. You can also experience an evening with lots of snow and/or The Northern Lights floating and reshaping in a fantastic colourful dance, this amazing spectacular is what you may remember best. The greatest chance of experiencing the northern lights in Årefjällen is during the winter season..

"Northern Lights", also called "The Aurora Borealis" are formed by particle emitted from the sun during a solar flare penetrate the earths's magnetic shield and collide with atoms and molecules in our atmosphere. The presence of the northern lights are driven by activity  on the sun and the sun's activity waxes and wanes over an 11 year period known as a solar cycle. A Good website for the Northern Lights is Space Weather Live.


Winter Activities

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