Nature & Wildlife

Jämtland boasts scenic mountains, vast forests, and numerous mountain streams, rivers, lakes and marshes. Here you can find diverse wildlife: brown bear, wolverine, lynx, golden eagle, reindeer, and, the king of the forest, the moose. Ski through the woods, and you might see wood grouse and black grouse. Up on the mountain, you can often see flocks of beautiful rock ptarmigans.

Our lakes, ponds, streams and rivers are filled with fish—here you will find brown trout and grayling as well as the incredibly beautiful (and tasty) char. Our fishing is not limited to the summer. Late winter/early spring offers amazing ice fishing on tranquil frozen lakes as the sun warms the chill of the wind.

Marshes cover much of the valleys between our mountain peaks. Cloudberries, cranberries, bog rosemary, hare’s-tail cottongrass, and common cottongrass grow in these marshlands. What’s  more, the area’s calcium-rich wetlands have an impressive variety of orchids including the lady’s slipper orchid, the marsh fragrant orchid, and the narrow-leaved marsh orchid. There are also many species of the grassy plants called sedges, as well as marsh ferns, marsh saxifrage, and bog alum. In the autumn, our spruce and birch forests are filled with blueberries, lingonberries, and delicious Chanterelle mushrooms.