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From the Nature to the Luxurious - Åre's many Faces

Åre stands out in so many ways. The contrasts between the magnificent nature and the proximity to high-quality pubs and first class accommodation have made "Åre" stand out in an international perspective as well. You can take summit trip to Åreskutan or Mullfjället during the day, and then to wander down the road in the evening to indulge in the great food in one of Åres many restaurants in the vllage.

Jenny Timbré works with the bookings and guest services at This is Åre. She is an avid adventurer, with a background of orgnising activities with Camp Åre. She has a good knowledge of Åre's hiking trails and mountains, plus all possible activities that you can experience.
– "There is so much to see and do up in the mountains, especially in the summer. There is white water rafting, hiking with a guide, ziplining over the tree tops, rushing down the mountain on mountain bikes, or you have kayaking!" says Jenny.

Åre's pubs and entertainment are widely known and the restaurants are now open during the summer time. There are no less than 9 restaurants which are mentioned in the world famous White Guide book: https://whiteguide.com/se/sv/cities/27-are


Åre in the summer and Autumn is an array of differnet activities, and experiences. Two weeks ago the snow disappeared and for the Swedish National day, the Åre bike park officially opened. We were told that this is one of Åre's prides.https://www.thisisare.com/sv/upplev-are-med-cykel-i-sommar. This cycle park is one of scandinavia's largest bike parks with 35 bike paths, and there are plenty of options for all ages and abilities. On the Swedish National day which is the 6th June every year the bike park will open and the season will run until October.
– "Åre really is alive all year round, two weeks ago I went skiing and now the bike park opens. It is so good and unique" says Jenny.

On july 2-7, Northern Europ's largest bicycle festival, Åre Bike Festival, will also take place for the 10th time. An arrangement created to lift Åre's unique cycling culture and which helped make Åre one of the world's best cycling resorts. During the festiva's five days, Åre's fantastic cycling opportunites are displayed from its best side with competitions such as the midnight reace on Åreskutan, Swedens's toughest XC reace "900 Hillclimb", and a jumping competion in the square where several of the world's best cyclists participate.
Thomassons villa (gård) is located in the middle of Åre By and is a perfect place to stay during the festival. Read more about the Villa here: https://www.thisisare.com/sv/thomassons-gard-i-are


"This is Åre" collaborates with several of Åre's best activity organisers, you can book your activities at the same timea s your accommodation at "This is Åre" but of course you can also call us on 0046(0)647-520 21 or mail us on: [email protected]