Experience the Jämtland, Swedish mountains. Miles of forests, winding mountains streams, rivers lakes and marshes in Åre

In Åre, Sweden there is also a very exciting and rich abundance of wildlife with Bear, Wolverine, Lynx, Golden Eagle, Reindeer and last but not least the king of the forest, The Moose. If you take a skiing trip up in the mountains you will most likely spot the Capercaillie (the largest member of the grouse family) up in the spruce trees. Once up in the mountains, it is common to see the beautiful white grouse.

But Jämtland is not just rich in wildlife. Our lakes, streams and rivers are full of water life. Here there is trout, grayling and the extremely beautiful Arctic Char. And it is not just the summer time that you can fish, during the spring-winter Sweden offers fantastic fishing experiences with "ice fishing", in the beautiful warm sun!


The marshes occupy a very large part of the valleys between the moutain peaks. In the marshlands, among other things, you can find Cloudberries (Swedens gold), Cranberries, Rosemary, Cotton grass. But there are also many wetlands on calcareous soils. In these fields for example, there are various types of orchids, Fragrant orchid, Lady's-slipper, and Flecked Marsh Orchid. There are also many species of Marsh Fern, Marsh Saxiftrage,and Calla Lilly. In our Spruce  and Birch forests, there are plenty of berries, Blueberries and Lingonberries in the autumn, in fact it is a Swedish tradition where families will spend time together picking berries every Autumn, but not only is there an abundance of berries we will go out and pick one of our favourite mushrooms the Chanterelles, amongst others.