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Move your office to Åre, Sweden!

Move the office to Åre and combine your work with skiing and other activities. Changing the working environment to our mountain world guarantees more job satisfaction and creativity. We at "This is Åre" can customise the stay for each group, but  also for individual employees.

.Combine with yoga, massage and skiing for a comprehensive mental and physical strengthening where you can finish with massage to soften the muscles after skiing or snowmobiling. After work, it can be nice, for example, to cook with local ingredients with one of our chefs to further strengthen the community and the enjoyment of the working group. All our premium accommodation has broadband and wifi.  We can also offer conference rooms up to 30 people centrally in Åre as well as our own conference room  "Produkthuset" with mornings coffee, lunch and afternoon coffee, which you can read more about and book here

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