Allmountain- solnedgång
Allmountain- paus i solnedgång
Allmountain pyramiderna
Downhill på Åreskutan

Experience mountain biking in Åre

The interest in mountain biking is growing in the world and it is increasing every year here in Åre. Our mountains offers the most varied cycling in Sweden for those who want to cycle in the terrain. Here is everything that you could wish for as we have the best downhill park in the Nordics and fantastic all mountain terrain. For those people who would like to mainly cross country cycle we have "Åre Bike Park XC" this is growing every year with its new trails.


Regardless of your age or how skilled you are you will find paths, gravel roads for an array of abilities.

If you do not own your bike, or you are here on holiday without your bike, you can rent Downhill, Mountain and Cross country bikes through us at "This is Åre!" If you would like to book a guide for the best experience, we collaborate with "ÅreGuiderna", "Åre Skidsport", "Åre Bikes" and "Puls Camp Åre" all of who are great guides and have great bikes. With us you can book everything from a day to a few days of cycling adventures, and accommodation in the Åre village or Åre Sadeln.

Downhill, All-Mountain and Cross Country

Downhill på Åreskutan

Downhill in Åre

Åre has by far an amazing Downhill bike park situated in the Nordic country.  There are 35 machine built trails with 853 meters drop, you will find

allmountain i Årefjällen

All Mountain i Årefjällen

The interest in MTB Moutain biking is growing fast in Åre, more and more people want to experience cycling with panoramic mountainous views. 

Crosscountry Åre Bike park

Åk både längd och stigcykling i Åre Björnen | This is Åre

I Åre Björnen- Sadeln har det byggds ett stigcykelområde som utvecklas varje år.

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