Åre is an amazing place in the Summer and Autumn. Book activities directly or customise your stay in Åre.

Åre is mostly associated with alpine skiing on Åreskutan during the winter months. In recent years summer and autumn guests have increased substantially in numbers. Although not so strange as more and more people discover that Åre is just as fantastic during the summer & and Autumn with its wide range of activities and dining experiences in combination with the mountain environment. 

The Autumn months may be when the mountains are the most beautiful  with their array of berries and mushrooms to pick  during the mountain trip, and the stunning golds, reds and yellows bursting from the trees. For those who are hunting there are nice areas for rip hunting where you can advantageously book a hunting guide, but also not forgetting the attractions that Åredalen  offers, with culture  and outdoor living. For those who want to discover the mountain world on foot, you can fish, go out on the Cross Country MTB, or drive downhill, Åre is the natural choice. Lake Åresjön and the Indalsälven river offer lovely opportunities for kayaking and canoeing trips, or why not try guided rafting?

Summer Activities

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Customise your activities

For those of you who want to get the most out of your stay in Åre, "This is Åre" offers tailor-made activities, adapted to interest and availability.