Café Torget

Cafe Torget is a KRAV-certified bakery and cake workshop located just up on the hill from Åre square. Here you can enjoy a typical mountain breakfast with sourdough bread baked on a baking stone, you can chill with crispy lunch waffles, or get lost in the delicious wheat bread, confectionery cakes and cookies. There is a genuine passion for really good bread in combination with caring about the mountain and countryside. Their basic philosophy is that bread should be an experience for all the senses. It should not only taste fantastic and be organic, but also look beautiful, smell lovely and be healthy for the body. The sound when you cut it should awaken the appetite, and the bread should feel the best in your hands. Café Torget is KRAV-labeled too the highest level, which means that at least 90% of the content should be organic, while meat and meat products are always KRAV-labeled, with means there is an extra high demand on animal care, health, social responsibility and climate impact. At this café, everything is expected to be produced to the highest quality level, and they aim for 100% organic in everything.  The food is great for man, nature and the wallet.

Kabinbanevägen 22
837 52 Åre

+46 647-525 11


[email protected]

Opening hours
Monday 7:30-16:00
Tuesday 7:30-16:00
Wednesday 07:30-16:00
Thursday 07:30-16:00
Friday 07:30-16:00
Saturday 7:30-16:00
Sunday 07:30-16:00