Bahnhof café

Before the railways came into the Jämtland world, Åre did not exist. However, there were instead two villages named Totten and Morviken. The station house was built in 1880, whereupon Åre stations's community was formed. After the inauguration of the Jämtland train line in 1882, trains could be taken all the way from Stockholm to Trondheim, which had a huge positive effect on tourism, especially health tourism, which at summer time visited Åre for the fresh mountain air. In connection with the alpine  VM 2007 a new station building was built right next to the old one where Cafe Bahnhof has its coffee shop in a cosy and warm atmosphere right in the middle of Åre – Cafe Bahnhof is right by the train, bus stations and shopping, it has everything around it. Every day, and all the year round is served specialkaffe, new homebaked Sweet bread, sandwiches, salads, lunch and so much more. There is also a huge wine list, and of course to top it all off you can store your luggage here if you desire.

Parkvägen 1/ St Olavs väg 37
830 14 Åre

+46 647-528 83


[email protected]

Opening hours
Monday - Wednesday 11:00-17:00
Thursday - Sunday 07:30-18:00