The History of Åre, which is an old Sami word, from about 8000 years ago.



The Åre valley has a very rich history and culture. Everything from 5000-year-old Stone Age culture with rock carvings  and the  Sami indigenous culture to our present day history with World Cup competitions in our slopes.  About 1000 years ago, Åre and the surrounding valleys were inhabited by Vikings, who in the 13th century converted to Christianity  this was when Åre's old church was also built. St Olav's pilgrimage goes through Åre from Selångar,  just outside Sundsvall, where Olav Haraldsson landed 1030 after a few years in national exile. He took his army from Selånger through Åre  to Norway, here he converted the country to Christianity and took back the king's throne.

In fact, one can actually claim that the very first tourists in Åre were pilgrims, who, during the Middle Ages made their pilgrimage from Sundsvall through Åre and to St Olav's Cathedral in Trondheim. Another early tourism was the so-called "luftgästerna" who traveled to  Åre, after Kind Oscar II made sure the railway was completed in  1882, so that people could take a breath of fresh air and a hike to the top of the Åreskutan. The first restaurant to open was by Albin Wettergren in 1882 and in 1891 Åre's tourist station was opened and this is when more tourists came to Åre. The Bergbana (the mountain train) was built in 1910 which facilitated the "luftgästerna" to hike up the mountain.

Bergbanan Åre

During the second half of the 20th Century, developments in Åre have been fantastic. From being a small village that mainly feeds on agriculture and copper mines, the tourist industry has grown enormously. both summer and winter increase the number of guests each year who want to experience Åre with, amont other things, skiing in Åre is the best in Scandinavia and in 2008 Åre was named one of the ten best ski resorts  in the World  after hosting the Alpine World Cup for the second time in  2007, . The first time Åre hosted the Alpine World Cup Championships was in 1954 and in 2019 it was the third Alpine World Cup.



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