In Åre village you will find everything you need regarding shopping, dining and nightlife.

If you would like to take a break from adventures and activities, for a day, you can do this in our lovely village, which provides experience with coffee (Swedish fika)food and shopping. If you would like to go out and socialise in the evening/s you will find a variety of bars, pubs and restaurants where you can have a great until the early hours of the morning  

Accommodation in Åre Village

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Restaurants in Åre Village



Fantastic Fishing

Den perfekta belöningen efter en lång utflykt bland bergen, en intensiv shoppingtur eller liknande serveras på någon av Åres många intima och charm


Shopping in Åre



Åre fjällshopping

Här finner du en komplett shoppingguide till Åres sportbutiker, modebutiker, souvenirbutiker, hantverksbutiker, äventyrsbutiker, vildmarksbutiker,