Åre Kafferosteri Torgbaren

Torgbaren Åre Kafferosteri is a coffee shop that will only work with and sell speciality coffee…It is very important to them that the coffee is the best but also their policy is to take responsibility for people and nature. Torgbaren will sought the best types and tasting coffee beans, which are sourced directly from farmers, therefore promoting their livelihood, and help them to develop their coffee. Everyone that will have the pleasure of drinking this coffee will be rest assured that only the best coffee beans have been sourced.

Torgbaren Åre Kafferosteri’s ambition is also to educate other companies about this special coffee and for those companies to sell the coffee themselves. You can also find this special coffee online, and at coffee shops such as Kabinbaren, Torgbaren and The Roastery, all based in Åre village. In addition they also sell this coffee to other retailers, restaurants, and coffee shops, around Sweden... .

Åre Torg
Trondheimsleden 52
830 13 Åre

0046 (0)70-647 57 27


[email protected]

Opening times
Everyday from 11:00 - 17:00