Åre kafferosteri kabinbaren



Kabinbaren specialises in coffee, it is a quaint bar close to the ski lift and they have coffee and food that will suit everybodies tastes. In addition to its speciality coffee, they also serve organic coffee baked with local, eco and sustainable ingredients. For Kabinbaren it is very important that the raw materials can be traced back to their origin. Café Torget bakes most of the pastries although some are baked on the roasteries themselves… In Jämtland there is a mill called Ångsta Kvarn, which delivers fantastic flour. For Café Torget it is a matter, of course, to use flour from Angsta and other small mills in the country. They,  just the same as Kabinbaren, seem to be following the motto #myvillagemyresponsibility. They also put in an effort so that other smaller companies can invest in good raw materials, and also buy their water from Stenkulla Brunn, the same water that is servied in the Nobel party.. Their soda comes from Vasa Brewery, which is located in Njurunda in our neighboring land Medelpad. They make soft drinks from original ingredients and their glutan free and dairy free range is also made from natural and organic ingredients. You can be assured of getting the right stuff from them. Kabinbaren have everything that you need for a satisfying stay, from vegan sandwiches to sausage stews (falukorv – a Swedish traditional dish), to cinnamon buns and gluten/diary free cakes.


Kabinbanans dalstation
Trondheimsleden 52
837 51 Åre

+70-647 57 27


[email protected]

Opening times
Everyday from 07:00am - 18:00pmMåndag 07-18